REC is a brand that embraces the underdogs of the world.

We encourage our community to follow their dream no matter the circumstances. REC shall be a reminder to RECord the process and embrace it. Because everything is attached. You might not see it today, but when you look back from your future self you will see the dots connecting. 

REC is a constant reminder to following you dream with courage and passion.

Our story begins back in 2016 when the founder of REC, William Falkensson started to get traction on his snowmobile videos. William and his friends spend every weekend up in the mountains of north Sweden. He had this Idea of being his own supporter instead of having sponsors from other brands giving him clothes. So he decided to make his own clothing brand. 

One day at work he got a vision of a brand. R E C in red. The brand was stuck in his mind so vividly that when he got home he started to design this logo from the vision he have in his mind. After multiple different logos and alternatives he had made his mind up on the REC in red with a circle in the middle of the C.

The circle represents the record button but not only that. It also symbolize The Circle Of Life. Meaning.. there can never be a end to something without a start.

Our goal is very simple. We want to create products that are well thought through. Products that can enhance your experience. We primarily focus on Action sports because that’s our passion!